Lightway tech-talk accepted at FOSSASIA 2023!

March 08, 2023 2 min read
A busy conference
Looking forward to attending the summit! (Photo by Product School)

I'm excited to share that I've been given the opportunity to give my talk "Creating Lightway: A modern Open Source VPN protocol, built mobile first" at the FOSSASIA Summit 2023!

Lightway is a modern, mobile first VPN protocol developed and primarily used by ExpressVPN. We developed it explicitly for great performance and usability on mobile devices, and it was this approach that led to some key design decisions early on.

Being able to travel and attend conferences again is something I have been looking forward to for a very long time and it's great that the first one is in Singapore and all about Open Source!

I have long been a huge proponent of Open Source software, gaining RHCE certification before I even left school. As such such I've built a career on these great technologies and so I do all that I can to give back so that the next generation can hopefully benefit as I have done.

Happily it doesn't stop just with me either, ExpressVPN also shares my passion for Open Source and that's one of the big reasons I am able to come to the Summit and share with you some of the cool things we've learned along the way.

I'll be sharing the schedule of the talk as soon as I get my hands on it but if you're attending the Summit and would like to grab a coffee and chat in person, please feel free to reach out!

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Peter Membrey
Written By Peter Membrey

Peter Membrey is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Chartered IT Professional and a Chartered Engineer. He has a doctorate in engineering and a masters degree in IT specialising in Information Security. He's co-authored over a dozen books and a number of research papers on a variety of topics. These days he is focusing his efforts on creating a more private Internet, raising awareness of STEM and helping people to reach their potential in the field.

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